Photography 102

Continue the journey and learn all the techniques that took our photography to the next level! Get a deeper understanding of the more technical side of photography as well as the secret behind using a flash.

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What's Inside!

By enrolling in Photography 101 you get immediate access to the same eight-lesson modules that thousands of our students have used to start shooting in manual mode immediately.

  • Overview

    We start at the beginning by discussing what’s in the course and what to expect.

  • Raw vs Jpeg

    In this lesson, we uncover the truth about shooting in RAW and talk about the role it plays in photography.

  • Chip Sizes & Lenses

    We discuss how chip sizes and lenses affect the overall look and quality of your images!

  • Understanding Light

    In photography, light is EVERYTHING! Having a deep understanding of this subject is essential to your growth as a photographer.

  • Understanding The Histogram

    In this lesson, we demystify the histogram and teach you how to use it, and why it’s important.

  • Artistic Shooting

    At this point in your journey, the time has come to break outside the box and start getting creative. Once you know the rules, you can break them!

  • Shooting Portraits 102

    This is the next step in the journey to shooting portraits. We go out in the field on an actual shoot and then come inside to discuss and edit the final product.

  • Flash Photography

    Learning to use a flash is essential in your progression as a photographer. We break down how to use various lighting scenarios and show you how to get the most out of your flash.

  • Post Processing

    This is one of the most powerful lessons in the course. We walk you through the process of editing your images in post and deal with problem areas you may encounter.

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